New Dutch pencils

Today I visited a small shop in Zouteland (The Netherlands) that sells newspapers, books – and some stationary. I was quite happy to find some Dutch pencils. The brand is called Bruynzeel, and the price was 90ct for a piece. Interesting that they have different brand typo: a more painted one on the 4B, a grotesk font on the Burotek H. They had some more Buroteks with 3H, 4H and even 5H – but I am as a writer more on the soft side.
The H is is writing fine, no scratchy behaviour, I just prefer a darker line on the paper (this is a Kangaro 60g college block paper). The line is quite smear resistant.
I prefer the 4B as it is writing with a nice dark line that needs no pressure. Of course, the graphite smears a lot easier.
Next to the Bruynzeels I saw two versions of a „Happy children“ pencil produced in Shanghai (50ct). Showing no grade they differ in the color of their end. I would judge the red as a B or 2B, while the black cap gives me the impression of a HB or B. Both write well, the graphite seems well mixed.
At least, I take them as souvenirs and good allday pencils with me.

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