New on my desk: Stabilo ExamGrade

Yesterday I saw this set of 4 Stabilo® ExamGrade® pencils, an PVC free eraser and a little container sharpener. For only EUR 2,99 this was a no brainer. All in stylish black & red, it looks quite decent.
The sharpener is quite a surprise: expecting not too much, it did a good job. The sharpening felt smooth, no resistance when chopping the wood. And the tip was not perfect but well done.
They say that these HB pencils have a lot of graphite for writing „darker – cleaner – stronger“. Well, as you can see it is darker than the FC 9000 HB. But writing with it it felt also smoother, so I could not say if I would call this really „HB“ – maybe it has some „B“ aspects 🙂
Nevertheless, the first impression is good, the eraser is doing a good job if your writing is not too black. And the matte surface of the pencil feel fine when writing. I think they use some lightweight wood, the four pencils weight is about 12-14g, while 4 Mitsu-Bishi go up to 18g (on my semi-amateurish scales …).
For me the Stabilo® „Exam Grade“® is a nice on-the-road-set.