Update: Greenies have humour?

Updateupdate: The slogan is there again. But it seems you have only one chance to write it it down on every wall. Pity.

Update: I got two replies from Greens.stopclimatechange.

The 1st told me that they had to deactivate my slogan because it does not represent the truth. They will just compensate the price of a train ticket. Well, the slogan did not say that, just that the winner will fly. But we will see.

The 2nd reminded me that my entry clearly was not a slogan or logo for a global climate deal. Yep, that seems to be true.


Today, at 19:37h German Time I uploaded a slogan to take part at the „Make your message heard“ campaign.


With this I wanted to stress on the fact, that the price for the winner slogan is a trip to Copenhagen, and I guess it is by eco-desasterous plane. And point out that so many modern eco-aware people fly around like hell.

Funny enough, at 20:14 the site announces: Error: File not found. No, I would never think, that the The Greens/EFA in the European Parliament would censor slogans like mine. Would they? I just sent an e-mail – wonder about the answer.

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